Merge Outlook Inboxes - Easy Process for Easy PST Management!

Merge Outlook Inboxes for a Win-Win Situation: After you merge Outlook Inboxes, you will be in a win-win situation, as this process will have two possible outcomes (one to help you manage your Inbox data easily and second to make the information search from this Inbox data quick) and both these outcomes will be very good for you. Now merge Outlook inboxes with PCVITA PST Magic software and take both outcomes.

The process to merge Inboxes in Outlook is mainly useful for those people who have created several Inboxes inside Outlook and kept a separate PST file for every Inbox folder. This would mean a large number of PST files, which are a pain to manage. Now, you must be thinking how to merge Outlook Inboxes? Well! The solution is right in front of you to merge Outlook inboxes into single PST file. It is PCVITA PST Magic software.

Demo Version - Surge Yourself for a FREE Download! The joy of investing in some software product only comes when you have seen it operational in front of your eyes. We know this requirement and thereby, give our PST Magic software in its free demo version. Don’t believe? See it for yourself by downloading it.

Download FREE Full Version Split PST Software to Split PST File in Several Small PST Files Fully Order Online ($109 only)

Demo version of this Outlook inbox tool is available for free. In this trial mode, the software will allow you to merge only first 50 items of every PST file and also allows you split PST file by only first 50 emails.

Compatibility in Comprehensiveness!

  • This Outlook inbox merge software works as an Outlook 2010-2016 merge Inboxes tool helping you to merge Inboxes in Outlook 2010-2016 version
  • PCVITA PST Magic software also works as an Outlook 2007 merge inbox tool helping you to merge Inboxes in Outlook 2007 version
  • Our Outlook Merge inbox tool works as an Outlook 2003 merge inbox tool helping you to merge Inboxes in Outlook 2003 version

Think Full Fledged Process - Think PST Magic Full Version: The new sign of easy Outlook management is emerging to be the PST Magic software. So, why are you left out from its benefit to merge mutiple PST files in Outlook altogether? PCVITA PST Magic tool in its full mode helps you merge any number of Outlook Inboxes at a small cost that you will never regret to invest.

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Extra Benefits in Row!

» You can split PST files also

» Also can merge other items

Our Clients Feedback!

As many colleagues I had; same number of inboxes I had in my Outlook application. What a mess it was! Thank God I got to read about this tool, which helped me manage my application in a much better way. Keny Atal

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