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Our software team has left no stones unturned in the creation of this high-quality vCard converter software, so its performance will leave no desires unfulfilled and will give you almost 100% results and satisfaction. With PCVITA products creating the benchmarks of excellence, innovation, and simplicity in the online market with their software products, this is another innovative vCard converter tool that is benchmarking migration excellence in the process to convert Outlook to vCard contacts and to convert vCard to Outlook contacts.

Must Know Features of the vCard Converter Software:

  • Two Way Conversion: You can convert Outlook to vCard contacts and also can convert vCard to Outlook contacts with this vCard converter software.
  • 1 Contact 1 File: vCard converter software creates individual VCF file for each contact and all these individually created files are kept inside a particular folder.
  • vCard Converter Software for converting multiple contacts from Outlook to vCard and vcard to Outlook contacts. Easy to Search! Software arranges contacts in alphabetic order
  • Conversion in Bulk: You can import VCF file that has one contact or multiple contacts
  • Universal Support: All Outlook versions including 2003, 2007, or 2010-2016 are supported and all Windows versions including Windows 7 supported by this vCard converter.

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Before coming to us, you must be wondering how to convert vCard to Outlook contacts or how to convert Outlook to vCard contacts but after encountering this vCard converter tool, all your questions will be answered perfectly as our software works both as an Outlook to vCard converter software and as a vCard to Outlook converter software also, which means two-in-one conversion benefit.

Probe the vCard converter from Demo and Procure It by Buying the Full Version

Testing the tool, evaluating its proficiency, judging its efficiency - whatever you call, it all projects towards the demo version of vCard converter software that lets you see the conversion process by allowing you to convert 5 contacts. After you probe the vCard converter tool from demo, you can procure it for complete conversion of all contacts by buying the full version of vCard Magic software at $49 only.

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